For as long as I can remember, I've been a thinker. Certainly not a profound thinker...not an inventive or creative thinker, and not a thinker that thinks I can save the world. Sometimes, I'm just a thinker...who can't remember, what I was thinking I needed to remember.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


If you're lucky, you have a memory, of living life encapsulated in a cocoon, where you felt safe and protected; where your world was small, and concerns were usually limited to the matter at hand. Where you could turn a deaf ear to conversation not directly involving you, and a blind eye to sights, you chose not to acknowledge.

This cocoon is where some of us (if we were lucky enough), spent a part of our childhood. At varying points along the way, we emerged. If we were lucky, our emergence was gradual.

Naivete...the world we live in, makes me miss it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

And Her Life...

And her life was a monument to the past. Her present existed only upon reflection. Yesterday reigned supreme. She couldn't stop the tides of time, so tomorrow would come...and be recognized, another day.

So, I say to her, take up the gauntlet that is today...and be present, and grounded...in your now.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Take a Meandering Road

Okay, these aren't exactly the Yorkshire Moors in Northern England, but these rolling hills in Wisconsin took me there (kind of).  If I have time, I like to deviate from the road well traveled.  At this point in life, I'm finding I have plenty of time, so you're much more likely to find me on a country road, than a four-lane highway.  The highway requires skill and concentration...always looking out for that "other guy."  The country road meanders, and can take you places where you least expect to go...i.e. the Yorkshire Moors.

The highest-grossing film of 1970, was Love Story.  That's not at all surprising...who doesn't love a good love/sob story?  A beautiful woman, a beautiful man, elements of tragedy, and a hauntingly beautiful theme song...what more could anyone expect from a movie experience. 

So, where is this awkward transition going?  Love Story was good, but paled in comparison to my favorite movie that year.  Period films are my favorite film genre, and Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights is among my favorites.  The 70's version of this classic, starred Timothy Dalton and Anna Calder-Marshall.  The original starred Laurence Olivier, but, well, Timothy Dalton.

Anyway, my meandering road took me here.  With just a little imagination, I could see Heathcliff and Cathy running together through these fields, up this hill.  If you haven't seen this version of this movie, please do.  You can watch it from home, so your jaw won't ache from holding back the sobs...you can sob at home, but it's awkward at the theater.  Then, when you can deviate from the road well traveled, take a meandering path through the country, with this playing softly, and see where your imagination takes you.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The World of Homes on Ice

Only my choice of footwear, kept me from knocking on these doors today.  I'm easily distracted while traveling from Point A to Point B...there's always something that captures my fancy.  Who knew that in the world of homes on ice, there were neighborhoods (with no apparent building codes), peripheries, and lovely, au courant homes, in an area where lots seem to be quite a bit larger...AND, there may even be restrictive covenants.

Above, the "neighborhood"...where, I'm sure, if you're in need of some conversation and a beer, you're golden.  You can set your lawn chairs up in the yard, and talk some football smack.  Who do you think is hosting the Packer party this week-end?

This home is on the periphery.  It's a nice buffer from the hustle and bustle of the nearby highway, and if trains traveled through the world of homes on ice, the track wouldn't be too far away.  In this part of town, you need to watch out for loiterers...you never know who might come knocking at your door.

This, clearly, is where you might knock, if you want to be greeted with wine and cheese.  Neighborhood covenants might require skirting around the foundation of homes in this area. Here, your home is nestled in, at the foot of these majestic hills.  Every evening at dusk, you can enjoy this view, while noshing on your cheese, and sipping your wine.  Definitely, the place to be, in the world of homes on ice.

With my inquisitive nature, it's probably a good thing I didn't wear boots today...