And Her Life...


Let's Talk About It

They've Figured it Out

TICK and TOCK, And So It Goes

Our Hike To The Top...of Pikes Peak

On The Other Side of the Staircase

Calm Down....This Can't Be Our Reality

A Lull?

Seventy Is Just...Seventy

The Solution

The Recipe, Though, Is Ours

History Occurring in the Now...Whose Account Will Prevail??

We're Just Along For The Ride

A Place, Unexpected

The Venerable and Iconic, Wisconsin Supper Club

We Just Think We Do

What Song Would You Sing

And, Going, Going....Gone

A Left Turn Off The Highway

Chins Up, Friends

Party In The Back

We're Losing Our "Within", People

Make That Climb

One Fell Swoop

Go Figure

To The Pasture

A Little Reminder

So Much For Conquering The World

Please Join Me, In Eating a Little Humble Pie

My Walter...Revisited

I Called Him Walter